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Congrats to Mark Headd for joining Voxeo Labs and


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I was delighted to see the official word go out today that Mark Headd will be joining our Voxeo Labs team to work on promoting our Tropo cloud communications service. For the past few years I've had the privilege of working with Mark as an "external" developer on a range of projects related to Voxeo's platforms. Mark has a very strong interest in "open government" which is also a passion of mine (although I don't get to work too much on issues related to it) and maintains his Vox Populi blog where he outlines many of his various projects connecting voice, IM, SMS and Twitter to various government projects. (Usually using one of Voxeo's platforms or various open source systems.)

One cool aspect about Mark is his flexibility in languages and topics. He's equally at home contributing a series of guest blog posts about VoiceXML, writing about building an IM (and Twitter) Bot for the NY State Senate Legislative API, writing a series of posts about building multichannel transit apps with PHP and Tropo or showing how to connect Phono and Tropo to a CCXML app to enable screen pops via IM when someone calls into an app from their web browser.

Mark has also been the principal developer behind the libraries for the Tropo WebAPI for PHP, C# and most recently node.js.

Beyond all that, he's just a great guy... so I'm glad he's joining the team. I expect you'll see him writing not just on his own blog, but also on the Tropo blog, the Phono blog and undoubtedly some of our other blogs. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Welcome, Mark, to becoming a Voxeon!

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