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Skypeiphone301This morning's visit to the AppStore on my iPhone brought news that Skype had rolled out version 3.0.1 of its iPhone client. The only news of what was in it was:

You can now make video calls to a wider selection of Skype clients and devices, such as Skype for TV.

It turns out (via a Skype blog post) that what this really means is that Skype has added the higher quality H.264 video codec to the app. As noted, this will let you do a video call with a Skype-equipped TV. (Which you bizarrely could not do from an iPhone before.)

While I don't personally know anyone with a Skype-equipped TV, I'm looking forward to trying this out to see if it changes the quality of the video calls I make. Over the last couple of weeks I've used the iPhone quite a bit for video calls and been impressed so far.

Anyway, if you are an iPhone user, you can head on over to the AppStore and download this new version...

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