Video: My CNN UK Interview about Skype Supernodes
What will Skype tell us tomorrow live from CES?

Want To Discuss the Skype Outage? Join the VUC Call Friday, Jan 7, at Noon US Eastern

VUCWant to discuss the Skype outage? What happened? What we know about it? Supernodes? Mega-supernodes? Skype's architecture? and more?

On this Friday, January 7, 2011, I'll be joining the VoIP Users Conference (VUC) gang to talk about Skype's outage. As host Randy Resnick writes:

Mr. Dan York, CNN VoIP celebrity, will be with us for a more geeky explanation of what happened and hopefully what the full ramifications of this will be.

Skype has had a “monopoly” in this space for a long time. Can it continue? Are there contenders, and if so, who are they? Is the free model the key to Skype’s success? Will it always be free? Will it be passed up in quality by something different (like FaceTime (or a cross platform version of it) or Google Voice?

We'll be talking about my post about Skype supernodes and much more. It should be an enjoyable time.

If you'd like to listen live, there are regular, SIP and Skype contact phone numbers to dial into the VUC. You can also jump on #vuc on IRC to join in the text backchannel.

If you can't join live, a recording of the call will be posted to the episode's web page sometime in the next few days.

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