Is the new ".tel" domain more than just a pretty face on top of DNS?
So many things to write about... so little time...

Slight blog redesign underway...

Longtime readers may notice that this site looks a bit different today. The navigation bar you can see on Disruptive Conversations is gone. Some of the sidebar boxes have been re-arranged. The phone image in the header is missing... and I'm sure some other issues...

Here's what is going on - When I posted my last piece about the .tel domain, it had the unfortunate side affect of destroying my layout because the DNS entries I include in a <pre> section were far longer than my layout allowed. As a result my two right sidebars were overwriting the text and the article was basically unreadable.

So I had so spend a little bit undoing the kludgey way that I've done the 3-column layout on this blog. LONGtime readers will recall that I set up this 3-column layout long before TypePad offered it as a standard layout - and so I had to do some real TypePad-advanced-templates hackery to make it all work. Unfortunately it always had the fatal flaw that if my posts contained images or words that were too big, the sidebars would overwrite the text. Similarly, users forced to stick with Internet Explorer 6 complained that it didn't display correctly.

So what I had to do was to go back to TypePad basic templates and go to their standard 3-column layout in the form that I like. I don't know if this will fix the IE6 issue (if that's still an issue), but at least it will fix the sidebar issue for regular browsers.

The side effect, of course, is that I lost all my advanced template hacks like the cool navigation bar.

What I'll probably do is sometime in the next few days tweak this basic template to be sure I have everything in it the way I want, and then convert it over to TypePad Advanced Templates so that I can put my hackery back in. I was smart enough to save my original templates, so this transition hopefully won't be too big of a deal.

In the meantime, though, things might be a bit funky with the design.