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IETF Journal - WebRTC: Moving Real-Time Communication into the Web Browser

Webrtc 2Seeking to understand the basics of WebRTC and why there is so much interest in it? There is a new July 2013 issue of the IETF Journal out this week that includes an article I wrote titled "WebRTC: Moving Real-Time Communication into the Web Browser" that looks at WebRTC from a high-level user perspective.

My aim with this IETF Journal article links was to summarize some of the links on my my WebRTC/RTCWEB page and is admittedly similar in style to my 2012 post, "How WebRTC Will Fundamentally Disrupt Telecom (And Change The Internet)", although this newer article focuses on the work happening within the IETF and provides links to get more involved.

On that note, the RTCWEB working group within the IETF will be meeting next week in Berlin (twice, actually) and has an agenda for IETF87 focused primarily on security questions and looking at the "data channel" aspect of WebRTC/RTCWEB. It should, as always, be an interesting session to listen in to.

If you can't get to Berlin, there are audio streams you can listen to remotely and a Jabber chat room where you can raise questions. Links to both can be found on the top of the agenda page. Do keep in mind that the times listed are local to Berlin, Germany.

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