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Video: Great WebRTC Tutorial and Demonstrations by Cullen Jennings

Webrtc 2Want to understand more about WebRTC and where it is going? Want to see some demos of new WebRTC apps? At the recent INET event in Bangkok, Thailand, Dr. Cullen Jennings, one of the co-chairs of the IETF's RTCWEB Working Group, gave an excellent presentation that walks through the basics of WebRTC and provided some demos as well:

The presentation is about an hour and is followed by a question period. Well worth watching if you want to understand the current state of WebRTC and how it may impact telecommunications today.

Note, you can also view the video directly on YouTube to better see it in a larger size or on a mobile device.

P.S. For more information about WebRTC, see the links off of my WebRTC/RTCWEB page.

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