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Voice mashups - Notes on Alec's conference call today

Want to talk about voice mashups? - Today, 9:30am Eastern US - Conf Call with Alec Saunders - Talking about Voice Mashups

If you are interested in "voice mashups", as I am, and are available today from 9:30 - 10:00am Eastern US time, you might be interested in joining a conference call hosted by Alec Saunders and several others. More information can be found over at Alec Saunders blog:

Talking about Voice Mashups: "Thursday morning a few of us will be doing a round table discussion on Voice Mashups using the iotum FREE Conference Call service. Andy Abramson, Tom Howe, Jim Courtney and myself will convene for 30 minutes to have a con-cast (Conference Call + PodCast).  If you're interested in the topic, please join us and contribute. "

I'm going to be traveling today, but if cell service works, I'll be joining in. Should be an interesting conversation.

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