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Digium launches the "Digium Asterisk Marketplace" to promote members of the Asterisk ecosystem

digium-the-asterisk-company.gifDigium recently announced that they have launched the "Digium Asterisk Marketplace" as a way to help connect users of Asterisk to partners in the "Asterisk ecosystem" who make products that work with Asterisk. Many of the folks listed there have been parters with Digium for some time and are often in Digium booths at various trade conferences but there were a few names new to me. At the time I am writing this, there are 30 members listed in the Marketplace but with the application form readily available, we'll see how much this grows. The Asterisk blog entry lays out the terms:
The price is right – a listing starts at $395 per quarter. In return, your company gets exposure to the thousands of unique visitors that cross the Digium site daily. Or you can get a more prominent “premium” listing for a few extra bucks. For a limited time, you can get a listing for a full year starting at $795 - about half the regular rate.

Later, we plan to add more cool features, such as the ability for users to provide feedback, more categories for listings, and the ability to buy selected partner products directly from the Marketplace site.

The question will really be how many Asterisk partners view this as a value and jump in.

In any event, I think it's great to see this type of listing coming out for Asterisk and I'll look forward to seeing how it grows over time.

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