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CounterPath launches SIP/VoIP softphone for iPhone/iPad and brings enterprise to mobile

Have you wished you could easily extend your corporate IP-PBX to your iPhone? Or have you wanted a good SIP softphone for your iPhone that you could use for testing systems? Or do you just like new shiny iPhone and iPad apps?

This week long-time softphone maker CounterPath Corp. released their "Bria iPhone Edition" and for $3.99 it's a great app to have! Ever since I learned about it a couple of days ago, I've been playing with it and this morning I posted a video review as Emerging Tech Talk #51. I show how I've connected the app to Voxeo's corporate IP-PBX, how I can use it to make calls to both regular phone numbers and also SIP URIs, how it works with the iPhone's address book and also how I can use it on the iPad. You can view the 7-minute video here:

Now my friend Alec Saunders spoke with someone at CounterPath and published a great post yesterday discussing some of the limitations and the future plans that CounterPath has. Definitely worth a read - and I'm looking forward to some of those plans! (Like wideband codecs and multi-tasking support.)

As he notes, this Bria app is not specifically designed for the iPad, but as I show in the video it can be used on the iPad, subject to the standard pixelation that happens with iPhone apps on the iPad. (And in tomorrow's video podcast, I'll talk about how you can connect a USB headset to the iPad! ;-)

Here are some screenshots from the app:

bria-iphone-registration.jpg bria-iphone-keypad.jpg bria-iphone-incallcontrols.jpg bria-iphone-incomingcall.jpg bria-iphone-callhistory.jpg bria-iphone-settings.jpg

So far I'm quite impressed! You can get the Bria softphone from the AppStore on your iPhone or iPad.

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