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If you missed eComm 2008, the presentations are now online...

42F19C6B-67C5-433E-91B4-641B9323CD48.jpgIf, like me, you missed out on eComm 2008 last month you can at least now view (or download) almost all of the eComm 2008 presentations via SlideShare. You can view all the different presentations and download them as well.

eComm organizer Lee Dryburgh also said that he's working on getting the audio recordings of the presentations up online as podcasts which will be great to have, too. (As I wrote about on a Voxeo blog, you really need audio to understand many of the slide decks (which I actually view as a good thing!).)

Kudos to Lee for getting all the presentations up there - there's 58 right now and it's good to see the range of presentations given. As a longtime fan of SlideShare, it's also nice to see it being used for a conference like this.

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