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Skype launches "Small Business Pack" in Europe (and for resellers)

Yesterday, Skype announced a new "Small Business Pack" available in 12 European countries - and also indicated that you could become a Skype reseller to sell this pack.

Phil Wolff over at Skype Journal has more coverage and raises some good points that are unknown about the reseller program.  (And FYI, in the interesting way all this happens, my "tip" to him was in the Skype public group chat that Phil has hosted for months when I asked him if he'd heard of this new pack.)

To me, this represents another new method for Skype to look to get into the business market.  It's not entirely clear to me how many resellers will really pick it up, since the pack really only represents a 50-euro savings, but I suppose on one level it's something they can at least sell.  It's also not clear to me exactly why a reseller would be needed since you can also order the pack directly from Skype's online web site, so even with volume discounts, there would not seem to really be a whole lot of margin in it for a reseller. Maybe there are, as Phil writes, enough "Skype-crazy consultants" out there seeking to sell Skype.  We shall see.

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