Skype launches "Small Business Pack" in Europe (and for resellers)
BT to enable VoIP (and video) over Sony PSP game consoles

FYI - some of my posts are being republished on CircleID... with my permission

FYI, if you stumble upon some of my posts appearing over on a site called CircleID, that's okay... they aren't stealing my content... I have given them explicit permission to republish my entries.  One of the folks involved with the site, Ali Farshchian, contacted me originally after I posted the SIP Botnet story to the Voice of VOIPSA weblog asking about permission to republish that story (which he subsequently did).  He later re-published another post of mine and in further discussions I granted my permission for him to republish future stories if he notified me after doing so.   I'm normally a bit concerned about publication of my content on other sites, but in this case I do like the overall focus of CircleID on issues relating to Internet infrastructure - and I'd definitely suggest you give it a read as many of these issues around domains and just infrastructure issues in general will affect us all.  (And some of the stories are just plain interesting because they deal with the "plumbing" of the Internet and the dark clouds that we don't normally venture into and really only know that "magic happens" somewhere inside them and this thing we call the Internet just works.)

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