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By way of a Twitter post today, I learned that Dave Troy has unveiled "Talking Ruby", a new site promoting information about the integration of the Ruby language with telephony, collaboration and messaging.  I've always been intrigued by Ruby (and also Ruby on Rails, which has been one of the most visible uses of Ruby), but have yet to really have had a reason to plunge in and play with it.  Perhaps this will provide an excuse.  Dave indicates on his site the following reasons for using Ruby with telephony:

    • Ruby’s DSL (Domain Specific Language) Capabilities are ideal for expressively encapsulating diverse telephony and collaboration technologies
    • Inherits the momentum of Rails, so web integration is baked-in
    • Cross-platform support (Linux, OS X, BSD, Windows ) unifies application development efforts
    • Ruby integration libraries can be easily developed and shared
    • DRb (Distributed Ruby) allows for persistent state storage and scaling across servers

I wish him all the best with the new site and do look forward to seeing what people come up with.  The site is a wiki, so if you're interested and Ruby-literate, you can easily jump in and participate (there's also a mailing list).

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