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Native (and UNofficial) Blackberry clients for AIM, MSN/WLM and ICQ available (for some networks)

(Continuing my effort to flush my "queue of things I want to blog about"...)

Last week, per Rich Lafferty, I learned that there are now "unofficial" versions of native Blackberry clients available for AIM, MSN/WLM and ICQ.  I used WebMessenger a bit in the past and found it useful, but stopped using it for some reason I can't exactly recall...  in any event, I'll be curious to try out native Blackberry versions.   Of course, I can't right now.  I naturally tried to download the MSN/WLM client and was told that "this messaging service is not supported by your service provider" (Verizon).  Ah, well, I'll just have to wait a while.  I don't really need IM on my blackberry, but every once in a great while there's a time when I'm travelling and IM would be great to have.

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