Quoted in VoIP News: "How Secure are your VoIP Calls?"
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Mark Collier's "VoIP Security Blog" gets a new makeover...

As I noted in my Voice of VOIPSA post today, Mark Collier (of hackingvoip.com fame) took some time in December to give www.voipsecurityblog.com a graphical makeover. He's got a cute new header image and an updated picture of himself. Although, Mark, I really have to say... you are violating the security "code of dress"! Don't you know that all good security people are supposed to wear black? Preferably a black turtleneck? Come on, now, you're going against the motif!

Ah, well... in any event, if you haven't checked out Mark's blog, it's a good one... even if he is wearing white. :-)

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