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Internet Society Launches "Internet Hall of Fame" Celebrating Early Pioneers

InternetHallofFameOne of the very cool announcements coming out of the Internet Society's Global INET event in Geneva this week was the creation of an "Internet Hall of Fame" that recognizes many of the pioneers who started this amazing journey we've been on. The full site is available at:
Wired also had a great writeup:
The Internet Gets a Hall of Fame (Including Al Gore!)
As is noted in the Wired article:
The inductees fall into three categories: Pioneers who were key to the early design of the internet; Innovators who built on the net’s foundations with technical innovations and policy work; and Global Connectors who have helped expand the net’s growth and use around the world.

Both the site and the Wired article are well worth a read. It's an amazing journey we've been on since those early days of the Internet... and it's great to see folks like those listed here getting the recognition they justly deserve!

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