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Civic.io - Mark Headd's new site on Civic Hacking and Open Government

My friend Mark Headd passionately wants to open up government - and to do so through code. I've known him for years as the author of the VoiceInGov / Vox Populi blog where he has been writing about mashups and so many other ways to open up access to government information via telephony. Back in November 2010, Mark joined me and the others on the rocket ship known as Voxeo and did outstanding work for the Voxeo Labs and Tropo teams.

But just as my passions altered my career last fall, as of just a short time ago Mark is now the Director of Government Relations at Code for America and, with that, changing a bit about the way he is writing online.

His new site is civic.io, where he will be writing on "civic hacking, civic startups and the future of open government". He's brought over to the site many of his relevant older posts, so he's already got a solid amount of content.

The work he and the others at projects like Code For America are doing is incredibly important to help with keeping our networks open. I'm looking forward to reading more of what Mark is up to in the time ahead - and certainly wish him all the best in this new endeavor.

Oh, and of course you can follow him on Twitter at @civic_io.

Civic io

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