Voxeo Unleashes PhonoSDK 0.2, a jQuery Module for Voice and Chat In the Browser
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New Phono "Callme Button" Demo Shows Use of Calling Directly from Web Browser

Hot on the heels of the new release of the PhonoSDK I wrote about last week, Dave Hoff over in Voxeo Labs came out with a new "Callme Button" demo that's very cool. As he describes in his blog post on the Phono blog, adding a "call me" button to a website is now as simple as adding this snippet of JavaScript to your web page:
      apiKey: "C17D167F-09C6-4E4C-A3DD-2025D48BA243",
      numberToDial: "8007773456",
      buttonTextReady: "1-800-777-FILM",

There is a Callme "demo page" online at:


That shows how you could create a button with or without a dialpad and in various themes:


The source code is naturally there for you to play with if you want to do so.

Cool stuff!

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