Understanding Today's Skype Outage: Explaining Supernodes
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Video: My CNN UK Interview about Skype Supernodes

The reaction to my last post explaining how Skype's supernodes work has been both amazing and amusing. Largely the reaction points out to me that Skype really needs to do a better job explaining their architecture... but in their absence, others of us will do so.

Anyway, one of the more fun outcomes was that I was asked to appear on a CNN UK show "Quest on Business" with host Richard Quest. Unfortunately the show was not streamed live nor was it available for viewing online later. Quite a FAIL on CNN's part, in my opinion, because the segment certainly would have been linked to by some of us. In any event, my friend James Enck in the UK captured the segment by the super high tech method of pointing his cell phone at the TV and recording the video. :-)

The irony, of course, is that we recorded the show entirely using Skype ;-)

For those who wish to view the segment, here it is:

It was fun to do and hopefully helped some more folks out there understand a bit more about Skype. (And thanks, James, for capturing it.)

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