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Under 2 Hours Left in Skype's Twitter Contest (for a $1500 Apple Store Gift Cert)

Speaking of Skype, there is only a little bit under 2 hours left for you to enter their contest on Twitter for a $1500 USD Apple Store Gift Certificate.

What contest?, you may ask. Indeed, outside of 3 tweets on their @Skype account I haven't seen much to promote this contest... but Skype is giving away a Apple Store gift certificate to some random person who has tweeted out their favorite feature using the #SkypeMac5 hashtag. As you can see from the Twitter search stream for that hashtag, there are some people out there tweeting away...

Official rules and all that are at: http://offerpop.com/skype/1609

Of course, I probably shouldn't mention this as I wouldn't mind winning! :-)


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