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A *CRAZY* Week In Collaboration / Communications News - A Summary from Dave Michels

Today's VUC call at noon US Eastern: FREETALK Connect - Skype-connected IP-PBX

VUCIn about 40 minutes, this week's VoiP Users Conference call will start with Jim Courtney talking about the new FREETALK Connect IP-PBX. It includes:
  • Skype connectivity for all phones.
  • Auto-provisioning works with almost all models of desktop and conference IP phones
  • Install wizard configures all basic networking, telephony system and user functionality on the FREETALK Connect
  • Remote administration capabilities that enable the system to be administered from anywhere Internet access is available.

I'm intrigued by the system because it integrates an Asterisk-based IP-PBX with Skype - and is "certified" by Skype. I'm looking forward to hearing what Jim has to say about it.

If you'd like to listen live, there are regular, SIP and Skype contact phone numbers to dial into the VUC. You can also jump on #vuc on IRC to join in the text backchannel.

If you can't join live, a recording of the call will be posted to the episode's web page sometime in the next few days.

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