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TechCrunch interview on Skype's plan for the enterprise

skypelogo-shadow.pngWhat are Skype's plans for the enterprise? What do they see as their target market? On Saturday, TechCrunch posted an interview, with David Gurle, Skype’s General Manager and Vice President of Enterprise, focusing on these questions: "Skype’s VP Of Enterprise On Future Strategy, Products And Competitors.

While not deep on details, the interview did offer a few interesting glimpses into their plans. For instance, Skype is looking at industry-specific business-to-consumer apps:

For example, Skype will soon be offering businesses a way to establish Skype-powered virtual video call centers, allowing enterprise customers to talk to their own customers across multiple devices, platforms, geographies, and more.

Such an offering could certainly be interesting. I was also intrigued by this:

When I asked him about Skype’s future, Gule says it is in creating a one-click solution to allow you to reach a partner, friend, manager, employee, or business contact from any platform.

The "directory problem" has always been a challenge, i.e. where does your master directory live... it will be interesting to see what Skype comes up with for their answer.

The interview has more info and is worth a read for those of us continuing to track and monitor what Skype is doing. As they push into the enterprise, it will be fun to see how their disruptive influence does as it meets the well-entrenched (and well-financed) players of the enterprise space.

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