Skype 2.8 Beta for Mac OS X provides screen sharing, WiFi access, chat features and Twitter-like mood messages
Linking Skype 2.8 Beta to Twitter - here's how to do it...

Skype 2.8 Beta now available for download for Mac OS X...

skype_logo.pngSkype has now announced that the 2.8 Beta for Mac OS X is available for download. As I wrote about yesterday and demonstrated in a video, the new version lets you do screen sharing, access Boingo hotspots, manage chats and more...

Skype's news release is also out as well as a longer Skype blog post explaining the features (and which talks more about Skype Access, something I was unable to really try or demo).

It also looks to be worth reading through the full release notes for this version as there is a LONG list of improvements, changes and bug fixes.

But you don't have to take my word for it anymore, you can download the 2.8 Beta for Mac OS X now.

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