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siptosiplogo.jpgIf you have a new SIP service or application, how can you find other services to which you can directly connect via SIP? That's the idea behind the new "SIP to SIP" directory launched by the folks at FWD and now available at www.siptosip.net. From the main page:
Why SIP to SIP VoIP?

SIPtoSIP lists applications and content that require SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) enabled devices on both ends of the connection. Realizing the promise of VoIP requires expanding real-time communication options beyond the functions already available with traditional telephones or cell phones. The ability of SIP based VoIP to support HDVoice, video, and click-to-connect requires SIP devices on both ends of the connection. Send suggestions for corrections and additional listings to Daniel Berninger at dan at danielberninger.com.

The directory is very obviously new and only has a few entries on the various pages:

As is noted, Daniel Berninger is looking for people to email him suggestions.

I do applaud the FWD folks for looking at another way to promote the further building of SIP interconnections and so I wish them well with this directory. I'd note, though, that the VoIP-Info.org wiki does already contain a great amount of this information. For instance, the site has a very lengthy page on VoIP phones. Now, granted, the phones listed there are for "IP" in general and not just SIP. Some use H.323, IAX or other protocols. There is perhaps a role for someone to curate a list like this into just SIP-specific information, but whether that needs to be a separate site or perhaps another page within a wiki like the VoIP-Info.org one is a question to consider.

Regardless, the FWD folks have now made this siptosip.net site available and it will be interesting to see how it evolves.

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