Jeff Pulver's resignation and the apparent demise of Pulvermedia and VON
Jajah to provide PSTN connectivity for Yahoo!Voice!

Tracking iSkoot's security issue exposing Skype usernames and passwords

voipsalogo.jpgOver on the Voice of VOIPSA weblog, I have been tracking a security issue in the iSkoot program that was transmitting your Skype username and password in the clear. The post, its comments, and the corresponding links off of it make for some interesting reading.

It also shows the speed at which the blogosphere can react and potentially help sort things out. In the space of about 48 hours, a problem was found, confirmed, identified by the vendor and apparently will be fixed shortly. I'll be writing more about this later today over on the Voice of VOIPSA weblog, but for now I'll just say that it's great to see that the problem is being dealt with.

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