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The audacity of Asterisk - why the 3Com/Digium partnership fundamentally changes the game in SMB telephony

eBay pays $530 million to buy out Skype founders - and writes down value of Skype by $900 million

Not necessarily a great day over at Skype today - per the eBay news release, Niklas Zennstrom stepped down as CEO, eBay paid $533 million to "settle obligations to certain Skype shareholders" and is also taking a $900 million charge to write down the value of Skype. From a Bloomberg article:
``It has not performed as well as we would have hoped in the short term,'' EBay spokesman Hani Durzy said in an interview. Skype was profitable the first half of the year, he said.
Many others out there have already offered their analysis and so I'll point you to them today:

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