Additional thoughts on Skype and hotel networks - there's issues on both sides...
eBay pays $530 million to buy out Skype founders - and writes down value of Skype by $900 million

Oops... challenges of using a new blog editor - I turned Trackbacks OFF by default

As I finished up my last post with additional thoughts on Skype and hotel networks, I naturally went to look for the TrackBack URI on my first post so that I could have the link show at the bottom of the article. However, when I went to look - there was no TrackBack URI shown! I went into TypePad's control panel and, sure enough, the checkbox for allowing TrackBacks was unchecked. In further investigation, I found it was unchecked for all my other recent posts! (Now, fixed... they all should accept TrackBacks.)

200709300638The reason was relatively easy to find. When I started using my new MacBook Pro about two weeks ago, I started using a new offline blog editor, ecto. Over in the options area, there is a checkbox for TrackBack's that I apparently had left in the unchecked state. I have now checked it and clicked the "Make Default" button so that it remains in this state. Details, details, details... (and my apologies to anyone who was looking for the trackback URI).

P.S. If any of you are Mac users and have opinions on what is the best offline blog editor to use on a Mac, I'm looking for opinions (in this other post).

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