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O'Reilly's Emerging Telephony (ETel) 2008 Conference - I'm on the Program Committee and we're looking for submissions (due by September 17th)

imagePrior to getting distracted last week by employment issues I was intending to post here about the upcoming ETel 2008 conference on March 3-4, 2008, down in San Diego, CA.  For two years in a row, ETel has been my favorite conference to attend, primarily because it's all about the wacky stuff people are doing on the edge of telephony.  Unlike VoiceCon, VON and ITEXPO, it's not a trade show.  There's no real exhibit hall (or hasn't been)... it's all about the content.  And there have been been some great sessions showcasing projects and products people are doing that really push the edge of what we are calling "telephony" today.

Two reasons to post about it.  First, I'm on the ETel 2008 Program Committee along with a number of others who may be familiar to people in this space. (Note to self: I'll need to update that bio in two weeks.)

Second, and the main reason I wanted to post - the ETel 2008 Call for Participation is open and we're looking for submissions!


As the page says... are you a:

  • Technologist, strategist, CTO, CIO changing the world with your ideas?
  • Technology evangelist, scout, entrepreneur looking to reach similar minds?
  • Researcher, academic, programmer with new findings from research?
  • Artists, hacker, modder, phreaker, activist with something cool?
  • Someone with something intriguing to share about telephony?
  • VC's with killer new startups?
  • Companies involved in this industry who "think different?"

If so, we'd like to hear from you and have you potentially share your idea at ETel 2008.  More information about the type of talks we're looking for can be found as you scroll down the Call for Participation page.  If you're reading this blog, you probably have some ideas we'd love to hear!