Skype releases new 3.5 beta that adds video into chats and mood messages
Travelling to/speaking at ACUTA conference in Hollywood, Florida, July 29-Aug 2 launches "Open Source PBX community"

image Recognizing the growth in open source telephony, Rich Tehrani and his team over at today rolled out their "Open Source PBX community" at . Sponsored by long-time open source supporter Sangoma, Rich says in his video that they aim for their site to be the place to go for news, commentary and documents about open source telephony.  Right now it seems primarily to have some white papers, a list of resources (which seem to mostly come from Sangoma) and open source-related news and articles.   Given that this just launched, it will be interesting to see what they do with it.

Rich asked for feedback about the site and my #1 point would be - could we please get some RSS feeds?  Unless I missed them, I can't see anyway to subscribe... and that's really how I personally like to read my updates these days.

Anyway, it's good to see expanding their open source coverage and I'll be watching how it evolves.