ZDNet blogger to return his iPhone... because it doesn't have enough *phone* features!
iSkoot provides another Skype client for Blackberry devices... review - and my first reaction is that it has a challenge with the "instant" part of "instant messaging"

iPhone meet kitchen mixer - Will It Blend?

Okay, I'm sorry, but I just find this way too funny.  Do I refer to this as "DisruptED Telephony"?

Tip of the hat to Chris Brogan for tweeting it and Doug Haslam for posting it.

Kudos also to Blendtec, maker of mixers, for coming up with this "Will It Blend?" series of videos.  I admit that I did watch some of the others in the "Don't Try This At Home" category. Fans of a certain recent movie release might enjoy what happens to a Transformer... suffice it to say that it... um.. transforms, rather permanently.

Obviously this particular video is probably also doing well for Blendtec... so far since it was posted yesterday there have been almost 241,000 views of the video at the time I am writing this.