Why did I wind up in Burlington, VT? Martyn Davies interviews me for his "Bending The Needle" podcasts
Light blogging ahead... offline until Monday, June 25th

Heading out to Mitel Forum June 25-27 in Las Vegas...

imageFYI, while I don't usually write a whole lot about Mitel here, I do in fact work for Mitel and after I return from a week of vacation I'll be heading down to Las Vegas on Monday, June 25th, to speak at our Mitel Forum event for resellers, consultants and analysts.  If any of you who read this weblog will be down there, I'll look forward to seeing you there (and please say hello).  You'll find me giving presentations on... gee.... "VoIP Security" and "Business Continuity"!  (Surprise, surprise...)  Should be a very good event.

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