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Skype provides more detail about the Call Transfer API

Last week Skype came out with a Developer Program newsletter that provided a bit more insight into the Call Transfer capability now available in the recently released Mac version 2.6. In the full version of the article, Skype technical project manager MornĂ© van Dalen answers some questions about what the Call Transfer API is all about.  It's interesting to see the discussion here of Group transfer, specifically in this list:

  • Skype to Skype (P2P)
  • Skype to SkypeOut (P2P to SipOut)
  • SkypeIn to Skype (SipIn to P2P)
  • SkypeIn to SkypeOut (SipIn to SipOut)
  • Skype to Group
  • SkypeIn to Group

It's quite curious, though, that transfer to SkypeIn and SkypeOut will only be available to Skype Pro customers, which of course is not available in North America!  Seems a rather puzzling disconnect.

Anyway, it will continue to be interesting to watch these capabilities evolve...

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