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Stupid airline UI tricks... what would happen if I did NOT accept the rebooking through Dulles?

I was rather dumbfounded a few minutes ago when I went down to the kiosk in the hotel lobby to print my border passes.  After logging in to United's webs site, I was immediately confronted by a big warning message:

Due to cancellations you have been rebooked onto the following flights:

<new flight info>

[No thank you]                                         [Accept this flight]

"No thank you?"  Huh?  You have just been told that due to cancellations you are being rebooked - so why would you NOT choose "Accept this flight?"  What happens if you press "No thank you"?  Could you try another route?  In this case would I have actually been booked on the same flight?  Huh?  (Needless to say, I didn't try it.)

I guess the good news is that I'll be avoiding Chicago tomorrow and flying down to DC (to Dulles) and then from there to Burlington. The other good news is that I'm not going to have to be at the airport at 4:45 in the morning... the bad news is that the flight gets in 2 hours later... but hey, I just want to get home!

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