ETEL - Black Bag Security Presentation, 243 slides, Lessig connection, errata... slides available
Stupid airline UI tricks... what would happen if I did NOT accept the rebooking through Dulles?

Pictures of me presenting at ETel... and O'Reilly's use of social media for photos...

Dan York presenting at ETelDan York presenting at ETelWhen I go to conferences, I usually wind up taking many shots of other people and events, but I naturally almost never wind up with any actual pictures of me. So it was a bit fun to find out that the photographer taking pictures for O'Reilly is posting all the pictures to a Flickr photo set, and that there were a couple of pictures of me included (click on the pictures to go to the Flickr pages and larger photos).  I was a bit amused to see that my mouth was wide open in both of them, but then again, I was in the middle of presenting so of course that would be the case.

I just have to say kudos to O'Reilly for doing the "Web 2.0" or "social media" thing of posting all these photos to Flickr... and tagging them all appropriately.  Given that they are a company that produces conferences like "Web 2.0", it rather makes sense that they would walk the talk, but it's just good to see.

Which of these two photos do you like the best?  I think I like the one on the left a bit better.  Many other good photos of the rest of the conference are part of the Flicker set.

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