ETEL pictures from O'Reilly now online via Flickr...
SkypePrime - for a 30% cut to Skype, you can charge people to call you and offer fee-based services to the Skype community... (and will it all turn into porn calls?)

Alec Saunders has videos and summary of ETel "LaunchPad" presentations (new VoIP startups)

Two of the cool "events" at the Emerging Telephony conference last week were the "Mashup Contest" and the "LaunchPad" (sponsored by GigaOm). In both cases new companies or developers were able to show off their products. I was going to write up my thoughts and summary, but it turns out that Alec Saunders posted about all the companies and included video of their presentations.  Definitely worth a look to see what companies are doing around emerging telephony apps and services.  Thanks to Alec for recording them all.

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