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Heading to Ottawa... and OCLUG's Asterisk talk tonight

In just a few minutes I'll be getting in today's rental car and heading up to Ottawa for the remainder of the work week for some meetings at the corporate office.

One of the nice things about being up there today is that I'll get to drop in on an OCLUG meeting tonight.  In the most of five years we lived in Ottawa, OCLUG was a wonderful place to meet some really incredible people.  I very much enjoyed the time spent there and the friendships that were formed... and I look forward to seeing many of those folks again tonight.   Not quite sure where the "Beer SIG" will be since the meeting is now out on Woodroffe, but I'm sure there's an appropriate spot somewhere around.

The meeting will be doubly interesting because tonight's topic will be Asterisk, which of course is of great interest to me.  Should be interesting to see what is being discussed. (Not quite sure what Randal will be doing with "Fractal Poetry", but hey, it sounds intriguing, anyway.)

If any of you reading are going, I'll see you at the meeting.

(As I now get in my white rental car to drive up to Ottawa with snow all around... whoever thought up creating white cars obviously missed the fact that in the winter those cars are almost invisible.  Ugh.)

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