Friday afternoon video #1: Mark Spencer introduces AsteriskNow
A satirical take on the history of AT&T and the mergers that brought it almost full-circle

Friday afternoon video #2 was to be... "Alec Saunders intros iotum's Talk-Now"

Well, I had intended that video #2 was going to be Alec Saunders demonstrating iotum's new Talk-Now application.  However, as he explains, Alec took the video down! Bummer, as it was a fun demo of what that technology iotum has can offer.  Ah, well, you'll just have to read about "Talk-Now" or even sign up to give it a spin (if you have the right Blackberry).  Of course, you can read MobileCrunch, Jon Arnold or ZDNet first.  It's definitely an interesting take on how to extend presence out to mobile devices. 

And Alec, do come back with a video again - I liked the first one!