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Today At Noon EST: Matrix.Org Distributed Communications On The VUC Call

Matrix 300What is the Matrix.org distributed communication system all about? What is an "open source federated signaling standard"? In about 30 minutes you'll be able to find out LIVE on today's VoIP Users Conference (VUC) where the guest will be Matthew Hodgson, one of the co-founders of Matrix.org. As the site says:

Matrix is a new open standard for interoperable Instant Messaging and VoIP, providing pragmatic HTTP APIs and open source reference implementations for creating and running your own real-time communication infrastructure.

Our hope is to make VoIP/IM as universal and interoperable as email.

You can watch it live on YouTube at:

Or join in on the Google+ event page. As noted in the #VUC show notes, the team is going to try a number of different ways to get people connected today.

It's probably best to also join the IRC backchannel where links are shared, questions are answered and other comments occur. You also can visit the Google+ event page for the VUC #517 session today where there may be additional links and info.

If you won't be at your computer, you can also call in via:

  • sip:200901@login.zipdx.com
  • +1 (646) 475-2098
  • Skype:vuc.me

The session will of course be recorded so you can listen/watch later.

Given that I've long focused on the need for "distributed and decentralized" communication systems, I'm intrigued to learn more about what the Matrix.org team is intending to do. More links for background information can be found at:

I'm not going to be able to join live today due to the holiday here in the USA and some plans with our family... but I'm definitely looking forward to listening to/watching the archive of today's show and giving it a test myself!

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