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Live In 2 Hours - Today's VUC Call About The Future of Video With Bernard Aboba and Emil Ivov

VucIn just about 2 hours at 12 noon US Eastern time the VoIP Users Conference (VUC) should have an extremely interesting session about "The Future of Video" featuring Bernard Aboba and Emil Ivov. Bernard works for Microsoft on their Lync products and has also been extremely involved in the IETF, the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) and other efforts. Emil is the had of the Jitsi project and has been doing amazing things with video conferencing.

You can watch today's call on the Google+ Page or directly on YouTube:

It's probably best to also join the IRC backchannel where links are shared, questions are answered and other comments occur.

If you won't be at your computer, you can also call in via:

  • +1 (646) 475-2098

The session will of course be recorded so you can listen/watch later.

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