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AdhearsionConf 2012 Call For Speakers Ends Tomorrow (Sept 8)

Adhearsionconf2012Do you like building telephony apps with Adhearsion? Have you built a really cool app that is worth sharing? Or used Adhearsion in an unusual way? Are you planning to attend AdhearsionConf 2012 in Palo Alto on October 20-21? Or would you attend if you could speak?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, why not consider applying to be a speaker? The call for speakers is at:

The only catch is ... the deadline is TOMORROW, Saturday, September 8th!

Ever since I first saw Jay Phillips present about Adhearsion back at one of the early ETel conferences in maybe 2006 or so I've been intrigued by how easy Adhearsion made it to develop telecom apps. It's just incredibly simple to make powerful apps.

If you are a Ruby developer (or want to be) and you are interested in building telephony apps, Adhearsion is definitely worth a look... and if you do use Adhearsion, why not consider signing up as a speaker?

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