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Martin Geddes Must-Read Piece On "Peak Telecoms"

The Last Days? (Apocalypse)Martin Geddes doesn't hold back! No longer beholden to corporate overlords (he used to work for BT), he is wonderfully free to say exactly what he believes. And he does....

If you are interested in the future of telecommunications / telephony, you really need to go over and read his piece:

Peak Telecoms

A teaser:

The telco voice and messaging business is on the verge of going into meltdown. As this is where the margins come from, the problem is hard to exaggerate. The drip-drip of links about declining voice and messaging volume and revenue is becoming a small stream. Even mobile telephony is losing ground in competition to asynchronous messaging. Twitter and Facebook message volumes are exploding, and SMS is beginning to sink. Termination and roaming are endangered species, hunted by packs of voracious regulators. There is no way back. When I started writing Telepocalypse back in 2003, the only thing I got wrong was the timing.

Cue the song "It's The End Of The World As We Know It"...

Well done, Martin, well done!

Image credit: gmacorig on Flickr

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