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Out at CES In Las Vegas This Week On The Hunt For IPv6-Enabled Consumer Devices...

IPv6 your products obsolete 300As I noted over on the Deploy360 blog today, I'll be down at the massive International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. I'm traveling on Wednesday, at the show Thursday through Saturday and then returning home Saturday evening.

I'm there with my team from the Internet Society and one of our primary purposes will be to get a sense of the state of IPv6 support - or NOT - among consumer electronics providers. As large carriers look at how they can roll out IPv6 within their networks, having home equipment that supports IPv6 will become more important in the years ahead.

At the show, we will be meeting with some vendors who want to understand more about how to move their products to IPv6 and also talking with media about the launch of our new Deploy360 site to help accelerate the deployment of IPv6 and DNSSEC. We'll also be part of a presentation on Saturday with a representative from Comcast explaining IPv6 issues to a IEEE conference for consumer electronics vendors.

And, of course, we'll be walking all over the show floor seeking out vendors who have IPv6 support. We'll see what we find!

On a personal note, it will be interesting to go to CES. While I've attended hundreds of shows/conferences over the years, including the even larger CeBIT show over in Germany, I've never made to CES before this year. I've heard a great amount about the madness there, of course, and watched the coverage from afar. So it will be interesting to be on the ground there.

You can, of course, expect that I'll be tweeting a good bit both from @danyork and @deploy360 (although a colleague of mine may be doing most of the tweeting from that account). I'm also planning to put up some posts on CircleID related to what I find... and of course the Deploy360 blog.

IF YOU ARE OUT AT CES and want to connect, please shoot me an email, call me or ping on Twitter.

Let the fun begin...

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