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skypelogo-shadow.pngSkype is very excited about rolling out new emoticons today... but continuing their fragmented product strategy, these new emoticons are Windows-only. So while on a Windows system they may look like (image from Skype's blog post):


What they look like on my Mac is this:


C'mon Skype... would it have killed you to make this available in a simultaneous Mac release?

I don't personally really care about access to these emoticons... my life will not be any better or worse based on whether or not I can use these emoticons (although I do see places where I could use them).

The point is that Skype once again continues to roll out features that work on one operating system but not on others.

Personally, I'd love to see Skype get to a point where it could be like Mozilla Firefox (or Voxeo's Prophecy) where a new release comes out across all operating systems.

Let's break the silos, Skype... and provide a more consistent user experience across ALL platforms!

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