Skype is Having Another Outage Today - Appears Widespread (But May Be Recovering)
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Skype Is Back For Me - But Only 2 Million Users Are Online (versus normal 25+ million)

skypelogo-shadow.pngSkype seems to be coming back up... s..l..o..w..l..y..

My Skype client just started working again, as the Skype Heartbeat blog post indicated, I did not have to login again or do anything else. Once in, though, my Skype client shows only a bit over 2 million users online:

Skype 2million 1

Considering that on a normal day there are usually 25+ million users online during the day (and often closer to 30 million), I would say that more than just "a small number" of users were affected!

As I wrote this post, though, the number of connected users dropped to 1.8 million... let's see how this recovery goes!

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