UPDATED: Skype for Mac Has Dangerous Security Vulnerability... and There's No Public Word From Skype
Skype's Security Communication FAIL - Why Issue a HotFix If You Don't Tell Anyone?

Sorry, Skype, But Your Auto-Update Feature Is A Fail!

According to Skype's Security Blog post right now, I'm supposed to just do an "auto-update" that will give me the latest version of the Skype for Mac client. When I check what version I have, it is

Skype 1

So I go up to the Skype menu and choose "Check for Updates..."


And this is what I get...


So if, as Skype indicates, this security issue was fixed a month ago, how was I supposed to get it?

Sure... it now seems that I can go to the main page and download the software directly, but why would I ever think of doing that?

C'mon, Skype... if you are going to send out security updates as optional updates, please make sure your "Check for Updates" feature works!

P.S. When I first heard of the security issue, after checking the Skype blogs and Twitter streams, the first thing I did was to go into my Skype 5.1 client and do this "Check For Updates". The next thing I did was check the Skype for Mac Release Notes, which still do not list this update that was apparently fixed in April. After that I did some more poking around and then wrote the blog post...

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