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Making SIP Phone Calls Over IPv6 Using Linphone on MacOS X, Windows, Linux

Want a softphone that can make calls on IPv6 using the SIP protocol? I was... and kept striking out until I discovered that Linphone: a) ran on more than just Linux (it also supports MacOS X and Windows); and b) worked beautifully with IPv6. I wrote up my findings in this post and included some screenshots:
How To Make SIP Calls Over IPv6 Using Linphone (on Mac, Windows, Linux)

It's quite simple to use (assuming you have IPv6 connectivity) and worked very well in my testing. A big benefit to me was that Linphone lets you do direct computer-to-computer SIP calls, without requiring you to register with a SIP server or other IP-PBX. This gets around the need to have an IP-PBX that is IPv6-connected, which could be a different challenge.


As I noted in the blog post, I am definitely interested in any info people have about other softphones that support IPv6. Jitsi (the renamed "SIP Communicator") indicates that it has IPv6 support, but it requires registration with a SIP server, and I don't have one of those running on IPv6. If you have info about other softphones (or other VoIP endpoints), please do leave comments either here or on the other blog post. Thanks!

P.S. And yes, I'll be talking about and demo'ing Linphone in my IPv6 and SIP webinar on Thursday, May 5th.

P.P.S. If you want to set up IPv6 on your home network, I've posted instructions with an Apple WiFi device (Time Capsule, Airport Express) and more generic instructions using

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