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Fascinating to Watch AT&T and Sprint Duke It Out Over T-Mobile Acquisition

Interesting piece on the "This Is My Next" site last night about Sprint and AT&T taking to print ads to ratchet up their fight over AT&T's proposed acquisition of T-Mobile:

Sprint and AT&T take merger battle to print: ‘Competition is American, Competition plays fair’

The issue is, of course, that there is a U.S. Congressional hearing on the proposed acquisition this coming Wednesday in D.C. Sprint obviously is opposed to the merger and is pulling no punches in saying exactly what it feels about the proposed merger. I do admit to enjoying one line in their ad:

Competition keeps us all from returning to a Ma Bell-like, sorry-but-you-have-no-choice past.

This definitely IS a concern for all of us as the companies in the mobile space continue to consolidate.

AT&T of course counters with how this will be the best for the country, how it will foster innovation, bring about a stronger network, etc.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. For me personally, the proposed merger offers very little. AT&T has poor coverage where I live (Keene, NH) and T-Mobile has even worse coverage of the area... so I don't expect that we'd see any improved coverage here.

On a macro level, the consolidation is concerning... it will be interesting to see what happens in DC this week.

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