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Want To Learn Best Practices in Multi-Channel App Creation? (Voice, SMS, IM, Twitter, etc.)

voxeologohoriz.pngWant to know industry best practices in creating apps that work across voice, text messaging/SMS, IM and social channels like Twitter? Would you like to know some of the latest research on what channels customers are using to communicate with companies?

Next Tuesday, April 19, at 11am US Eastern time, I will be joining an industry analyst in a webinar called "Best Practices in Multi-Channel Customer Interaction". We'll be covering topics such as:

  • what communication channels customers are choosing for interacting with businesses
  • best practices you can implement for each channel
  • where customer interaction is heading, with particular focus on social and mobile channels
  • how you can create applications that interact with customers across multiple channels
  • best practices in cross-channel analytics and integration into business intelligence systems

I think you'll find it quite educational if you're wondering how to expand your customer interaction beyond simply voice or web. The session will have some solid quantitative data and will take a look at what's ahead in terms of customer interaction.

Registration is free and simple and is open to anyone. We'll also be recording the session and it will be available for listening after the fact if you can't attend on Tuesday.

Please do join us... and bring your questions... it should be a good time!

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