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Video: Walking the EnterpriseConnect show flow in March 2011

Last month down at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Florida, I wanted to experiment a bit with using the iPhone 4 with Qik for recording videos. As you can see below, I shot a quick video (using Qik :-) ) of about a minute-and-a-half of me walking through the trade show flow. It was purely a test of using Qik on the iPhone... and ironically I actually forgot about creating the video for a bit.

Anyway, here it is... it's certainly not the best produced video I've ever done... in fact that was zero post-production. I just pointed the camera and started shooting (and undoubtedly look a bit silly walking through a trade show floor holding my iPhone in front of me!).

If you've never been on the exhibit hall floor of one of the various industry trade shows and conferences, this is the type of thing you will see...

Next event, I'll try to do a few more of these... perhaps if I can find one with good WiFi I'll even try some live streaming... :-)

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