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Stuck With Old Nortel PeriPro Apps? Check Out This Migration Tool...

Did you spend a significant amount of time, money and energy building voice applications with the "Peri Producer" (a.k.a. "PeriPro") tool formerly owned by Nortel and now by Avaya? Would you like to move away from proprietary lock-in to a standards-based platform with a clear future? Would you like to move your PeriPro app beyond simply voice and add in communication channels like SMS/text messaging, IM, mobile web and even Twitter?

If so, do check out what my colleagues within Voxeo have come out with as the "VoiceObjects Migration Manager":

It's a tool that helps you move those PeriPro apps over onto Voxeo VoiceObjects where they can then work with either Voxeo's IVR platform or the IVR platforms of about 30 other vendors. My colleague Tobias Goebel put together this screencast that talks about what the migration tool can do:

There was also an hour-long webinar earlier in March where Tobias and Dan Evans discussed the tool at great length and answered many questions from attendees. You can view the webinar and/or download the slides at the jam session page at:

While PeriPro apps were the first type of app to be converted by the VoiceObjects Migration Manager, I know that the team has its eyes on several other legacy proprietary formats that they will be adding to the tool to help even more folks move over onto VoiceObjects. It's cool stuff they are working on!

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